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Put your trust in a successful juvenile defense attorney

If your child has been charged or is being questioned, hire an experienced, aggressive attorney. It's essential to hire an attorney to help your child to avoid serious repercussions, including a possible criminal record that will follow him or her for years to come. It could negatively impact his or her abilities to get a job or to go to college. If convicted, your child may be placed in a detention facility, put on probation, or even charged as an adult. Let us formulate a strong defense for your child.

• Juvenile traffic offenses

• Possession of alcohol

• Drug crimes, including marijuana possession

• Fighting and violent crimes

• Stealing and theft crimes

• Vandalism and property offenses

• Sex offenses

Let our team help you with any legal matter:

Richard E. Poulson Jr.  provides delinquency defense for children under the age of 17 facing any type of delinquent matter. Our goal is to provide outstanding service as we try to keep your child from the worst punishments. As a knowledgeable and experienced attorney, you can trust us to help you through this process.

Hire a dedicated delinquency defense attorney

Expect comprehensive legal defense from Richard E. Poulson Jr. With 35 years of experience, you can count on him to handle your child's case.

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