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Hire a dedicated attorney for your theft case

Theft charges include a wide range of criminal offenses ranging from stealing of property, forceful taking of property, and deception. Individuals charged with even a minor offense should seek experienced legal counsel since these crimes can have long-term consequences, including jail time and fines. Employers, schools, and universities also look unfavorably on this type of record. Let our team defend

you aggressively.

• Shoplifting

• Auto theft

• Armed robbery/robbery

• Writing of bad checks

• Burglary

• Home invasion

• Retail theft

• Forgery, illegally signing documents without the owner's approval or consent

Expect a strong defense in cases such as:

Count on Richard E. Poulson Jr. to provide you with professional legal support throughout your case. Our attorney is known for his strength, integrity, and dedication. He has an excellent reputation of providing outstanding service and individual attention to every client.

Let our experience help you through your theft case

With 35 years of experience, you can depend on

Richard E. Poulson Jr. for your defense case.

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