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If you've been charged with a violent crime, let us help

Violent crime convictions can lead to serious consequences, including minimum sentences, severe fines, and long-term criminal record implications. If you've been charged with armed robbery, attempted murder, 1st or 2nd degree sexual assault, or other crimes, contact for a criminal defense attorney. In some situations, the involvement of a weapon worsens your charges. Let Richard E. Poulson help you.

Richard E. Poulson Jr. will work closely with you to provide you with personal service. He has experience developing strong defense strategies and diligently working to defend and uphold clients' rights. Even if it feels like the charges are unbeatable, discuss your case openly with our trusted, successful attorney. With our team of investigators, you'll have the opportunity to get the assistance you need. Whether you're wrongly accused or over charged, talk to us today.

Count on us to formulate your defense

Let us help you with any violent crime, including:

• Shootings

• Sex assault and abuse

• Burglary, armed robbery, and robbery

• Kidnapping

• Attempted murder

• Attempted and conspiracy to commit a crime of violence

• Child neglect, injuring, torturing, or maiming a child under 18,  

  failure to provide food and shelter, leaving children unattended,

  drug exposure

• Domestic offenses, including the use of physical force, fury, or

  outrage to harm someone, both mentally and physically


Homicides, including:

• 1st degree murder: Intentional killing with premeditation or

  malice aforethought

• Reckless homicide: Intentional killing when the defendant

  had no prior intent to kill

• Vehicular homicide: Unintentional death resulting from

  reckless driving such as DUI

Learn about your rights and charges

Expect a dedicated, compassionate professional in Richard E. Poulson Jr. He's honored to help you to defend your rights.

Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney for your violent crime case.


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